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Evergreen Strategic Communications began working with the Brightpoint Development Fund (BDF) in the fall of  2022 to do a marketing revamp of the sub-brand of the parent organization, Brightpoint. After extensive brand

research of BDF, it was determined that the full organization needed a full brand refresh with further research

and message development.

Our team launched into a brand refresh with Brightpoint, a human services nonprofit that offers more than 40 programs through a $30 million budget in the Fort Wayne/Allen County region. The complexity of the organization and its programs presented numerous challenges as we worked to streamline messaging, refine communication channels, elevate visual identity, and bring the internal team together. Our work will conclude in March 2024 with an annual communications plan, new brand messaging, guidelines, and creative, brand stories, social media content calendar, and a fresh new website designed to enhance the Brightpoint client journey.

Brightpoint Development Fund

As a program of Brightpoint, the Brightpoint Development Fund is responsible for creating economic opportunities for communities, families, and individuals who lack access to affordable capital and financial services. As a program with a wide range of audiences from small business owners to families and individuals, our challenge was to simplify the Fund's messaging and decrease existing audience and public confusion. Our work included new sub-brand messaging, a social media content calendar to support the new messaging and new and revised creative assets

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