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Center for Congregations

Category: Fractional Marketing Services

The Center for Congregations came to Evergreen Strategic Communications in 2021 with the challenge of centralizing and enhancing their communications and marketing with its current and prospective congregations. Even though the organization had been operating for decades, a true brand strategy was never developed and the original logo was created from notepad sketches at the organization's launch. We knew that as a Lilly Endowment grantee it was important to organize and enhance their marketing efforts in order to impact more Indiana congregations. 

As the fractional marketing team, we support the Center in raising awareness of its consulting and education programs to congregations across Indiana in addition to its extensive grants program. The Center also operates The Congregational Resource Guide (The CRG) which is available to congregations nationwide. 

During our time, we have been responsible for establishing the Center’s first marketing department by overhauling existing communication channels and developing internal processes to ensure the Center presents itself in a coordinated and strategic manner.


In fall 2022, we began the process of supporting the Center through its first organizational branding project which included the development of a multi-faceted website that launched in the first quarter of 2023 and continued with a rollout through the remainder of the year.


Our success metrics have included, but are not limited to,

  • an improvement in audience communication journeys

  • messaging cohesiveness

  • an increase in digital engagement

  • a refocus of a paid media budget.

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