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4 Ways to Use the Holidays to Market Your Small Business

The holidays are on our doorstep and the coming months provide so many opportunities for your small business to use the most wonderful time of year in your marketing. In fact, we consider not using the holidays a missed opportunity to tap into the festive spirit your audience is likely already feeling.

It’s easy to come up with a holiday deal or discount to help move products or services, but at Evergreen Strategic Communications we are all about a deep rooted marketing approach and long term engagement.

Here’s a few of the ways we incorporate the holidays into our own and our client’s marketing to build brand awareness and loyalty and gain audience engagement.

1. Show Your Holiday Spirit

We talk a lot about using marketing to show the human side of your small business and the holidays set you up for the perfect opportunity to do that. You likely have holiday traditions in your business— whether it be a special staff party or decorating your office or shop— that is ideal for sharing on your social media channels and through email newsletters. It can even be as simple as sharing a holiday greeting video where you or your staff thank your customers and wish them a happy New Year. Sharing your holiday spirit in your marketing isn’t about elaborate set ups or glitzy displays, it’s about having a little fun and engaging with your audiences on a deeper level.

2. 12 Days of Content

Tap into the favorite holiday carol and promote your business through 12 days of content. Whether you start on the first or December or later in the month, go beyond 12 days of deals and pick a content theme that your audience can engage with for free. For example, a flower shop could show 12 days of holiday decor ideas such as table centerpieces or door wreaths. Last year, our agency shared 12 days of marketing tips.

3. Share Your Gratitude

While you should be thanking your customers all year, the holidays are a great time to share your gratitude in the season of thankfulness. This could be as simple as a video of you or your team expressing your thanks to your customers for their support throughout the year. Share it on social media, email, and on your website.

4. Give Back

Another way to share your gratitude for others supporting your small business is to pay it forward. Select a nonprofit organization or charity in your community and participate in their holiday campaign whether it be collecting and donating toys, adopting a family, or participating in a food drive.

If a monetary donation is more your speed, participate in #GivingTuesday on Tuesday, November 29. Make a donation and use your social media and email channels to encourage others to get involved by making a gift to their nonprofit of choice or your selected nonprofit.

There’s no shame in sharing these efforts on your marketing channels (within reason). It shows your audiences that you value being an active member in your community and a part of that is helping others.

When it comes to marketing during the holidays, we always remind ourselves and our clients to have fun with it! With an endless scroll of sales and ads, people are seeking true, authentic content in their social media feeds and email inboxes. Use this time to connect with your audiences and show your brand personality to keep customers engaged with your small business long after the New Year.

If you’re looking for fresh and festive ways to bring the holidays into your small business marketing, give us a shout!


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