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About Us

Evergreen Strategic Communications (ESC) is a central Indiana marketing agency specializing in nonprofit, education, and faith-based organization marketing services. We pride ourselves on working with organizations who are impacting lives everyday.

Since 2019, we’ve worked with clients to elevate their brands and grow the engagement of their audiences. We blend data driven decisions with our years of experience to build strategies that evolve as audiences and markets change. 

Our Approach

We see ourselves as partners to our clients and their organizations.
We celebrate their successes and are frustrated by their challenges as if they are our own.
The basics of marketing do not change, but our approach to any project sets the foundation
to build a custom strategy for each client that will grow with their organization. 


Marketing is not one size fits all and we believe in constant listening and learning. We bring our experience and skillset to the table and ask our clients to bring their challenges, vision, and objectives so we may build a holistic strategy that will work, not only in the present, but will build upon itself for the future.


We approach projects with a solutions first mentality. There are bumps along the way in any project, but we focus on anticipating solutions before they become major problems for our clients. We believe being organized from the start allows us to find solutions quickly to keep a project moving forward.


Strategic communication goes beyond engaging with your target audience. From the start, we ensure the client and each team member is well informed of the objectives, plan, and timeline through a comprehensive project plan. We believe that consistency is the first step in the success of a project along with regular meetings and communication.

Meet Our Team

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Emily Heck
President and Founder

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Natalie Och
Account Executive

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Evergreen Strategic Communications LLC is a certified woman-owned business by the State of Indiana and the City of Indianapolis.

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