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Nonprofit Marketing

When it comes to marketing within a nonprofit, education or religious organization, things are just different. From budgetary and staff restraints to multiple target audiences, the approach needed for creating a balanced marketing strategy has to be well thought out and efficient. Not to mention, when you bring fundraising into the mix, it can be difficult to be consistent and intentional in your communications.

We Know Mission-Driven Marketing.

Our founder, Emily Heck, started her career working for a major nonprofit where she grew marketing’s role and influence within the organization. She then transitioned to higher education where she led the marketing strategy to launch a $250 million comprehensive campaign. Emily’s energy comes from working with organizations and individuals who are also driven by the greater good. 


When we work with nonprofit, education and religious organizations, we focus on supporting our clients where they are. Some of our clients do not currently have a marketing department or strategic plan whereas others seem to be marketing machines. For nonprofits, education and religious organizations, it’s about understanding the nuances and developing marketing strategies that meet objectives, enhance the overall brand, and serve good stewards of the organization’s resources. 


Our Nonprofit Marketing Services Can Support Your: 


  • Annual Marketing Plans

  • Capital and Comprehensive Campaigns 

  • Department Organizational Structure  

  • Donor Engagement and Stewardship 

  • Giving Days 

  • Member and Volunteer Recruitment 

  • Processes and Systems 

  • Solicitation Campaigns

Business Team

Giving Days

Giving days have become the rule and not the exception in today’s nonprofit and education fundraising cycle. Take your giving day to the next level by integrating a strategic marketing approach that will increase the awareness and engagement of your donors not only on the day, but long term. 


Through our extensive experience in fundraising marketing, we will create and implement a giving day or Giving Tuesday strategy that incorporates ALL of your communication channels, enhances your donor engagement, and raises dollars.

As Heard On


Messy Marketing

Do you know who has access to your organization’s Facebook page?
Do you know if you’re collecting the right email data?
What would happen if that one team member left your organization tomorrow?


It’s near impossible to create high-functioning marketing strategies if your marketing operations are working against you. We’re talking about tracking website and email data that tells you nothing, not knowing who has all of your login information, and having what seems like a million marketing productivity platforms when you really only need a couple. You’re spending more time trying to wade through systems and processes rather than using your energy to grow your brand awareness and audience engagement. 


Our Messy Marketing Intensive is designed to support you and your organization in aligning your marketing operations to lay a foundation that will take your marketing to the next level. In one day, we will help you organize your marketing operations, ensure you are gathering the right audience data, and set you up with a plan to continue the momentum. You’ll have that spring clean feeling with your marketing processes in no time!

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