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Stop scrolling the Internet trying to learn how to market your small business and get back to what you are passionate about. 


When you start a small business, you don’t realize
HOW MUCH there is to do to really get it launched and/or thriving.

It’s overwhelming and it feels never-ending.
It seems like everyone else has great marketing and you’re not really sure what to do or if you’re doing things right. 

Have you been saying to yourself lately...

I’m spending way too much time coming up with social media content. 

What’s the best website platform for what I need?

Where do I even begin with Facebook ads?

How do I know if my email funnels are actually working?


Ready to Get Started?

Image by Bram Naus

Sure, you can continue to spend hours on Google trying to figure out marketing, but WHY?
We all have enough on our plates as it is and don’t need to continue to add more.

Welcome to The MKTG Collection.

With this collection, you will: 


  • Have access to how-to videos and resources curated by a seasoned marketing professional and university professor (meaning I’m teaching this stuff ALL THE TIME). 

  • One stop for everything you need as a small business owner to improve your marketing. 

  • Look organized, consistent and professional in your marketing. 

  • Get back time to focus on the things in your business you are passionate about. 

The MKTG Collection is for you if...

  • You just launched your new small business and have no idea where to start when it comes to marketing. You need help yesterday! 


  • You’ve been running your small business for a few years, but you’re ready to step up your marketing presence. You’re in growth mode, but not quite ready to hire or outsource your marketing.

  • You want to do things the right way. You’ve seen a lot of examples of what NOT to do online and you don’t want to go down that path.

  • You’re tired of spending hours scrolling through websites trying to find the right how-to marketing video or article. You want to get back to doing what you want to do in your business.

Business Meeting

Hi, I’m Emily! 


I’m the owner and founder of Evergreen Strategic Communications and a marketing consultant with a passion for helping nonprofits, education organizations, and purpose-driven small businesses. 


I get where you are right now. There is SO much on your to do list to get your small business up and running or moving forward. You went into business or chose your career path because you’re passionate about something — not to worry about social media posts, email funnels and updating your website. 


And when you’re trying to do it all, it’s overwhelming. 


If you’re finding you don’t know where to turn with your marketing and don’t have hours to spend Googling and scrolling through random articles and websites, you’re in the right place.

Take a glimpse into
The MKTG Collection...

  • Building a Content Strategy

  • Creating a Realistic Marketing Budget

  • Our Recommendations: Marketing Platforms 

  • Setting Up a MailChimp Account

  • Email Campaigns & Newsletters

  • How To: Organic Social Media

  • Audit Your Website Home Page  

How It Works

This isn't a coaching program. This isn't another online course.
The MKTG Collection gives you access to a full library of resources showing you the how-to of your biggest marketing questions. Email marketing, social media ads, content strategy, the best equipment to create quick videos…it’s all in there. Plus, we are always adding new resources based on our user feedback.
If there’s something you want to know more about, we will add it!

We've created three membership options to give you the most flexibility for your marketing needs.
Access the Collection when you need to and at your own pace based on the amount of support you need.


12 Month Membership


Marketing support for
$75 per month!

6 Month Membership


Marketing support for
$100 per month!

Marketing support for

$125 per month!

3 Month Membership


FAQs for The MKTG Collection

What type of resources are included in The MKTG Collection?

We are glad you asked! Here’s a list of our current available resources: 

  • Intro to Branding

  • Building a Content Strategy 

  • Creating a Realistic Marketing Budget

  • Our Recommendations: Marketing Platforms 

  • Creating Marketing Videos with Your Phone 

  • Canva Overview 

  • Facebook Business Manager Part 1: Setting Up 

  • Facebook Business Manager Part 2: Using the Features 

  • Setting up a MailChimp Account 

  • Email Campaigns & Newsletters 

  • Email Funnels/Drip Campaigns 

  • Organic Social Media 

  • Paid Social Media Campaigns 

  • Audit Your Website Home Page 

  • SEO Basics for Your Website 


What is included with each resource? 

Resources are made up of 10-15 minute videos walking you through how to implement the marketing concept (social media calendar, email campaigns, etc.) in addition to template downloads and links to websites or products referenced in the videos. 


Help! I’m not sure where to start. 

We got you! We created two resource tracks to help our members from becoming overwhelmed by all of the resource library. MKTG 101 covers the marketing basics you need as a small business owner while MKTG 202 is for when you’re ready to take your marketing to the next level. 


Do you have a money back guarantee? 

Yes! We don’t ever want to be a financial hinderance for small businesses so if you find The MKTG Collection is not for you, we have a 30-day money back guarantee. After 30 days, all sales are final. 


What if I need additional help?

We offer 1-hour strategy sessions for our Collection members to meet with a marketing consultant to discuss anything within their small business marketing.  You will complete a form prior to the meeting to share your marketing challenge so we get the most out of our time. 


What if there isn’t a resource for something I need help with?

Great question! We are adding additional resources all of the time and chances are if you have a question, someone else does too. Complete the New Resource Request form in the Collection and we will create a new resource within 14 business days. If you need a deeper dive, you can also schedule a one-on-one strategy session. 

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