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Our services stem from deep rooted marketing; an adaptable and reliable approach to help our clients overcome their challenges. When it comes down to it, deep rooted marketing
is about engaging with your audiences, building relationships, and adjusting quickly as culture changes. 

Deep Rooted Marketing


We focus on the day-to-day with our eye on the horizon.   

When you partner with Evergreen, we begin by building a foundation for your day-to-day marketing operations and then develop a strategy and implementation plan that addresses your immediate marketing challenges and provides a roadmap for success in the future. 

Business Meeting

"Emily Heck of Evergreen Strategic Communications is always focused on goals, solutions and thought leadership that is strategic and will elevate your business or organization. From content management to audience reach and engagement — she’s a listener at her core and understands that each client’s story to tell is specific to their own unique brand and foundation. Emily’s ability to translate a brand into a comprehensive and successful digital marketing campaign to bring each client to life is her sweet spot. She makes a measurable and successful difference in every project I’ve ever worked with her on. She’s a game-changer and someone you always want working alongside you!" 

Sheryl Rodgers


Rodgers Marketing Communications

On the Blog

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