Purpose-Driven Small Business Marketing

Small businesses start from a passion and not from a desire for all the nuances that come with owning and operating a small business. You know you need to get out there when it comes to promoting your business, but it can be difficult to know where and how to start. 


This is where we come in.

We support purpose-driven small businesses through developing, implementing and maintaining a dependable marketing strategy. We take our lead from you. From a monthly consultation to handing over your marketing to us completely, we can support you through all the stages of your business.

What Does it Mean to be a

Purpose-Driven Small Business?

For us, being a purpose-driven small business is about being mindful and intentional in our work. It's about caring for people first and always before the bottom line. It means taking out time and doing things the right way. It's about being authentic and true to us. 

We're not changing the world, but we are trying to do better for our clients, community, and our industry. 


If you are a small business focused on making an impact in the world for the right reason we'd love to work with you.  


Our Small Business Marketing Services Can Support Your:


  • Annual Marketing Plans & Implementation

  • Email Campaigns and Funnels 

  • Processes and Systems 

  • Paid Search and Social Ad Campaigns

  • Social Media Strategy & Implementation

  • Website/SEO

Office Meeting

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Messy Marketing

Do you know who has access to your organization’s Facebook page?
Do you know if you’re collecting the right email data?
What would happen if that one team member left your organization tomorrow?


It’s near impossible to create high-functioning marketing strategies if your marketing operations are working against you. We’re talking about tracking website and email data that tells you nothing, not knowing who has all of your login information, and having what seems like a million marketing productivity platforms when you really only need a couple. You’re spending more time trying to wade through systems and processes rather than using your energy to grow your brand awareness and audience engagement. 


Our Messy Marketing Intensive is designed to support you and your organization in aligning your marketing operations to lay a foundation that will take your marketing to the next level. In one day, we will help you organize your marketing operations, ensure you are gathering the right audience data, and set you up with a plan to continue the momentum. You’ll have that spring clean feeling with your marketing processes in no time!

"Emily was wonderful to work with. She is an excellent listener and problem solver.
She brought professionalism and polish to my website. The results have been powerful.
I am so thankful for her collaboration and partnership as I have started my business."

Kristi Howard-Shultz

KHS Consulting