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It's Time for a Mid-Year Marketing Check-In

As we reach the halfway mark of the year, now is the perfect time for your nonprofit to hit pause and take stock of how your marketing efforts are shaping up. A mid-year marketing check-in is crucial for ensuring your efforts align with your goals and continue to resonate with your audience. At Evergreen Strategic Communications, we’re all about making sure our clients’ strategies are on point and resonating with their communities. Here are five tips to help you tidy up and optimize your nonprofit’s marketing game plan.

1. Assess Your Goals and Metrics

First things first, it’s time to revisit the goals you set at the beginning of the year. Are they still spot on, or have things shifted a bit? Evaluate your key performance indicators (KPIs), like website traffic, social media engagement, email open rates, and conversions. This helps you see what’s working well and where you might need to improve things for better results.

2. Review Your Content Strategy

Take a look at the performance of your content across different channels. How are your blogs, social media posts, and other pieces performing? Are they hitting the mark? Maybe some content needs a refresh or repurposing to keep it relevant and impactful. Make sure your content aligns with your organization’s mission and communicates your impact effectively.

3. Optimize Your Website

Now, onto your nonprofit’s digital front door—the website. Take a good look at its user experience (UX). Is it easy for visitors to navigate? Check for broken links, outdated information, and slow-loading pages that can frustrate visitors. And remember to optimize your website for mobile devices, ensuring it's user-friendly for visitors accessing it on smartphones and tablets.

4. Fine-Tune Your Email Marketing

Emails still pack a punch in nonprofit communications. Review the performance of your email campaigns so far this year. How are your open rates? Click-through rates? Are you sending the right messages to the right people? Segmenting your email list and automating certain emails will streamline your outreach efforts and make sure your supporters feel appreciated.

5. Engage and Nurture Your Community

Building a strong community around your cause is everything. Take stock of how you’re engaging with your supporters on social media, through events, and other interactions. Are you sparking conversations and fostering connections? Consider hosting virtual events or webinars to engage supporters and share updates on your organization’s impact. Encourage user-generated content and testimonials to showcase the real-world outcomes of your work.

A mid-year marketing check-in is not just about assessing performance—it’s about making sure you’re connecting deeply with your community and driving the organization’s mission forward. By implementing these five tips—assessing goals, refining content, optimizing website UX, fine-tuning emails, and nurturing your community—you can keep your nonprofit’s marketing efforts on track to achieve your mission and create lasting change.

Remember, every tweak and improvement you make now sets you up for even greater success in the months ahead. Let’s keep pushing forward and making a difference together!

At Evergreen Strategic Communications, we’re here to help nonprofits like yours thrive. Get in touch if you need support or want to brainstorm new ideas to amplify your impact.


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