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Let’s Talk: Repurposing Content

Why go through so much time and energy to develop content to only use it ONCE?! Think about this. With all of the content on digital channels these days, what is the likelihood that your entire audience saw your content? And, we can take it one step further — even if they did see your content, what is the likelihood they are going to remember it? There is nothing wrong with repurposing your content and, in some cases, it can strengthen your brand.

Repurposing content is the practice of reusing all or some of your existing content in order to expand its reach. When repurposing content, you typically want to transform it into a new format. For example, you can turn a blog post into an infographic, or create a video series out of a social media campaign. Repurposing your content makes it much easier to scale. In other words, you don’t need to write every post, shoot every video, or design every graphic from scratch. So, how are some ways you can repurpose content?

Find Evergreen Content Pieces

When I’m developing content for a client or even my own channels, I’m thinking about how that content can be relevant and beneficial long term i.e. evergreen ;) Evergreen content is designed to remain relevant and beneficial over the long term — it’s not one and done. So, when it comes to repurposing content, start by finding those evergreen pieces that are ripe for repurposing. Take a look at your analytics or go through your feed post-by-post. Which pieces of content performed the best? Which ones had the most engagement? Most likely, these are your evergreen pieces. Take that content and repurpose it in a new format. This will save you time planning new content, while still gaining your engagement.

Split Up Your Content

Repurposing content doesn’t have to mean posting it in the exact same format as the original post. Break it up into smaller pieces. Pull the highlights from a video or blog post and create a social media series using that information. For example, take the impactful quotes or sentences from a video or blog and create social media graphics to post over a series of days or weeks. If there is something particularly impactful, you can even expand the content and create a new video or blog post to create a series. The same can apply to podcasts, keynote presentations, and more! The big idea here is that you pull bite-sized info from your long-form content and feature the best bits and pieces using a new format.


Have you seen ICYMI used on social media posts, but not sure what it means? ICYMI = in case you missed it. I use ICYMI posts a lot for my clients and my own content if I have content that I really want to push or it may have fallen flat on engagement. I like to use ICYMI because it signals to people that there is good content they might have missed on our social media channels and it could prompt them to watch closer. In addition, it creates a feeling of FOMO if people think they are missing out on something.

Whether it’s the same week or month, or months later, or even the next year: Good content is good content and it deserves to be seen more than once. Looking to learn more best practices for repurposing content? Let us help! Evergreen Strategic Communications has the tools and the experience to take your engagement to new heights. Connect with us today!


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