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Watch: Using a Marketing Approach to Giving Days

A big thank you to DonorSearch for featuring Emily Heck, President and Owner of Evergreen Strategic Communications, as a guest speaker in their Philanthropic Masterminds webcast series. In this engaging session, Emily shares her expert insights on planning and executing successful giving days for nonprofits from a marketing perspective.

Using a Marketing Approach to Giving Days

With the rise of digital fundraising, giving days have become a necessary addition to annual fundraising plans for nonprofits and education organizations. However, giving days typically contradict the old school giving strategies many organizations and fundraising professionals know and trust. Using a marketing approach to your online giving day can increase the awareness and engagement of your donors not only on the day, but long term. This session will share how to integrate a marketing approach to online giving days and ideas you can use for your next online giving campaign.

Watch the Webinar

Watch the full webinar to discover how you can transform your giving days into powerful fundraising events with lasting impact. By integrating these marketing strategies into your giving day plans, you can maximize donor engagement and secure vital support for your cause.


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