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Using a Marketing Approach to #GivingTuesday

Over the past 10+ years, #GivingTuesday has quickly become an absolute necessity in annual fundraising plans. From a brand standpoint, your loyal donors will expect to see your organization in their social media feeds on #GivingTuesday and potential donors will be looking for easy ways to give to your organization without the hassle of completing a full pledge card.

From a marketing standpoint, one of the easiest ways to build your #GivingTuesday strategy is to tap into your nonprofit's funding priorities. Since #GivingTuesday is only one day, you need donors to be able to quickly and easily understand why making a gift to your organization is impactful and something they want to be a part of. By creating easy to understand fundraising priorities, you reduce the risk of donors becoming overwhelmed when there is already so much social media and email content coming at them.

Here's how to use funding priorities to build your marketing plan:

Talk About Your Funding Priorities Through Storytelling

What are the stories within your organization that showcase your funding priorities? For example, a food assistance nonprofit that is raising money on #GivingTuesday for their mobile food bank might share a story about a family without access to transportation that was able to get their weekly groceries from the mobile food bank. It doesn't have to be an elaborate story. Share testimonial quotes on social media or record a short video from your phone to send over email.

Use Funding Priorities to Create Excitement

Organizing your #GivingTuesday marketing by funding priorities allows you to create giving challenges that drives excitement and a sense of urgency during the day. Using the food assistance nonprofit example again, challenge your audience to make 100 gifts by noon on #GivingTuesday to "unlock" an additional $10,000 to the mobile food bank. (The $10,000 gift would be secured prior to #GivingTuesday from either a board member or other major donor.) Not only does this engage a board member or major donor on a fun activity, but people love a sense of competition and the warm and fuzzy feeling when they help a nonprofit to succeed.

Use Your Data!

Too much goes into a successful #GivingTuesday to only make it count on one day. By organizing your #GivingTuesday by funding priorities, you are gathering research and data on the things your donors are interested in the most. Are more gifts being made to the mobile food bank over the food assistance scholarship? You can use this information to develop targeted communications for your upcoming year-end appeal or other fundraising solicitation.

Needing more support for your #GivingTuesday? We love giving days and would love to help make your successful. Get in touch with us today!


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